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230 M L King Jr West East, Seattle, WA 98112, USA

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Start taking care of yourself with DNA-based solutions to your unique needs.

Geneus decodes genetic markers in your DNA to create the personalized DNA-based solutions to your unique needs for you to maximize your results from lifestyle modification. 


The personalized health reports also give you insights into how your DNA may affect your body functions, your genetic predispositions to certain health conditions, and many more.

DNA: The “Blueprint” of Life.

DNA is frequently referred to as the "blueprints for life"

While blueprints direct the construction of a house,

DNA is the blueprint of how your body functions as DNA contains the instructions needed to make all the protein needed for life

At-home DNA Testing. 

No Needle.

Our saliva collection kit sent directly to your door
allows you to easily collect your saliva sample from home. 

You’re born with a unique set of DNA. That’s why your DNA is the best storytellers of your body

You can order Geneus DNA Tests at home,
and discover what your DNA says about you. 


Genetic reports.
Supported by Science.

 Help you understand how your body works.

Precised and Personalized.

Help you know the hereditary risk.

 Crack the secret within your body.

 One-time testing, lasting for life.

Decode secrets in your DNA, Just few easy steps

Collect your saliva

All start with a simple saliva collection. Just a small sample. It’s easy and non-invasive – all from home. 

Register your kit online

Register your saliva collection tube on this website. It takes only a moment. Mail your sample back to us in the pre-paid package

Receive your report

We’ll let you know when your reports are ready via your email. Log in and discover what your DNA says about you.

What will you get from a Geneus DNA test?

Personalized Health Reports

Personalized and easy-to-read health reports from key aspect we analyze. 

DNA-based Recommendations

Actionable recommendations and personal DNA-based selfcare solutions. 

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