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230 M L King Jr West East, Seattle, WA 98112, USA

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37/1 Sukhumvit 101/1 Rd.  Bang Chak, Phra Kanong, BKK 10260




About Us

Understand yourself at the level of your DNA.

With recent technology and the Human Genome Project completed in 2003, the impossible is now possible. We can now decode the secret in our DNA and gain insights into how our bodies and minds work. 


Geneus DNA is on a mission to make DNA testing affordable and accessible for everyone, especially for Thai people, in order to help you communicate with your genes, and provide you the keys to optimize your health and enhance your well-being based on your genetic makeup. 

Blueprinting your healthier future. 

Our DNA Tests are aimed at helping people take control over their health and future in a more scientific way.  With our actionable solutions, you can make better lifestyle choices – the food you eat, the way you exercise – based on your genetics in order to prevent or decrease your risks for certain conditions. By the time you find out, the disease might have progressed, causing serious complications. 


Before making any lifestyle changes, you can use your results to consult with your physicians, nutritionists, and our health coaches to fully maximize and benefit from your results. 

Together, we can open the door to new possibilities!

Our researcher team is working to support scientific findings about the role of genetics in may traits and conditions. You valuable data will help us advance the future of preventive medicine and treatments.

You can participate or collaborate in Geneus research by filling the research collaboration form.

Arnond Kitnitchee  
Chief Executive Officer

Your health is more than
your last check up.

Hataitip Wachirawanitchkit
Chief Scientific Officer

We would like to make the genetic testing in Thailand affordable.

Lukkaet Laoprapaipan
Chief Medical Officer

We are committed to evolve the standard for personalized health assessment.

Bun Suwanparsert
Chief Technology Officer

Our goal is to advance the analytic platform for personalized healthcare.

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